by Maximilian Lagos © 2009
All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without permission of the author.

Markus ran his dark hand over Keiko’s pale, soft hip. The contrast of his black skin against her Asian flesh brought a smile to his face. He liked his women dark, thin and demure, and Keiko was nothing like that.

It had been almost 15 years since they were in high school together and his current attraction to her confused him but after making love off and on for several hours, he was starting to get used to it.

Keiko Shinmoto was a Japanese transplant, joining his math class mid-year when her family moved to town. A typical overachieving jock, Markus was nice and very polite to all the teachers while fucking every cheerleader on the squad. Smart, cocky and driven, everyone thought he had a bright future ahead of him and they were right.

It certainly wasn’t love or even lust at first sight when Keiko walked into the class room. Markus hardly even registered the chubby new girl as she strode into the room and planted herself at a desk in the front row. However, within five minutes, both he and everyone else in the class knew almost Keiko’s entire life story as her loud voice and large personality took over the class.

And to make matters worse, she seemed to be in every one of Markus’ classes. He found there was no escape from her grating personality. She started travelling in the same social circles as he did, and before long, the two had many of the same friends. But the more time Markus spent with Keiko, the less he wanted to even acknowledge her existence.

Finally however, school was over and Markus had his pick of college scholarships, for both athletics and academics. He settled on a nice school out of town and promptly forgot all about Miss Keiko Shinmoto.

But that was a long time ago. Life continued. Markus became a success by both his and societies standards. Wife, kids, house, job, all the trappings. So when the invitation to his high school reunion arrived in the mail, Markus felt very good about sending his positive RSVP.

He strolled into the hotel ballroom six weeks later, looking as dapper and confident as ever. The sound of a very distinctive laugh stopped him dead in his tracks.
At a table in the centre of the room, right where he had planned to hold court himself, was sitting a memory he had forgotten the day after graduation.

Keiko looked exactly he would have imagined, had he thought about her in the past decade. She had grown into an older version of her schoolgirl self and instantly Markus’ mood soured. Getting a drink at the bar, he moved to a table in the dark and wondered how long he had to stay before it was polite to leave.

The first scotch went down very quickly and rough but it made the next three smoother. However the drinks did nothing to brighten his mood which was darker then the shadows he sat in. The occasional friend or lover from his past came over to say hello and chat but his demeanour made the visits very short and before too long, word had gotten around and Markus was left alone in the dark.

He was about half way finished his fifth drink when the voice snapped his eyes up from his ice.

“So, Mr. Grumpy Pants, are you not even going to say hi?” Keiko flopped uninvited into the empty guest chair. “You look good, Markus.”

“You do too, Keiko. How have you been?”

“Oh you know, working, married, divorced, married again, a couple kids.” Keiko reached over and pulled the glass out of his hand. Quickly, she finished the amber liquid in one swallow, leaving the ice rattling as she slammed the glass back on the table.

Angry more at the speed at which she could ruin his night than the loss of his drink, Markus stood to leave. “Nice to see you again, Keiko. Please excuse me.”

“I have a room upstairs,” Keiko said to Markus’ back. “Come up and fuck me like you refused to do in school.”

“Ummm, pardon me?” stammered Markus, turning around to face her, thinking it must be some kind of joke. Her serious eyes bore into his startled ones.

“You heard me. I want you to take me upstairs and fuck me with that black cock that was too good for my pussy back then.” The subtle rustle of silk drew Markus’ attention to Keiko’s legs.

Slowly and deliberately, the hem of her dress rose up her legs, over her knees and pooled in her lap. “Do you want to see more?” she whispered.
Markus was too stunned to respond. What the hell was going on?

“I will take your silence as a yes,” Keiko smiled and in one jerk, pulled her dress to her waist, revealing the fact she was not wearing underwear.

The sight of her hairy pussy snapped Markus out of his stupor. “Keiko, what the fuck are you doing?” Markus looked around to see if anyone else was watching. “Cover yourself back up.”

“No. I came tonight for one reason…to get you into bed. To see what I missed in school and to show you what you could have had if you had shown the least bit of interest. Do you know I fucked every one of your friends but never could get you?” With a flip of her hands, Keiko’s dress covered her past her knees once again. “What the fuck was wrong with me that you didn’t want me?”

Markus was stunned for the second time that night. “No, I didn’t know you fucked all my friends. And it’s not that I didn’t want you. It just never happened. I didn’t know you were interested in me either…”

“How the hell could you not know? I was in all your classes, went to all the same parties, everything. I practically threw myself at you but you were too busy fucking blondes with little tits to notice.”

Again, Markus was stunned into silence. How could he not have noticed if she was so obvious back then? She was right though, he was busy fucking lots of different girls back in school, but how could he have missed her?

Suddenly, it was like his eyes opened and he saw Keiko for the first time. Instead of being overweight, she was voluptuous. Her looks became exotic and tempting. His mind raced back to the memory of her hair-covered cunt, flashed far too quickly a few seconds ago and his mouth watered to explore its folds with his tongue.
“Keiko…I’m sorry. I never knew…”

Keiko just laughed. “Oh sure, now that I spell it all out for you, now you are interested. Why are men so fucking dumb?”

Markus couldn’t help but stare, it was like she had bewitched him. Her eyes flashed with a playfulness he had seen dozens of times on dozens of women. She ran her finger around the rim of his empty glass, licked her full red lips and nodded toward the exit. “So, are you coming, Mandingo, or are you going to ignore me once again?”

The offensive reference smashed Markus right in the chest, more powerful than a shotgun blast. He had fought against racism against his dark skin and black heritage his entire life, even more so once he achieved more and more success. It was almost impossible to break into areas dominated by hundreds of years of prejudice and oppression, but he had made some headway and was proud of his life.

In graduate school, he was taken out for drinks one evening by a professor and told that the secret to his future was to “forget all about the black thing and be more like other successful students”. Other, white, students, was the unspoken message. Markus’ masters thesis, about overt racism in academia, was successfully defended against that professor and earned a standing ovation when he presented it months later at a human rights conference. However, after all his fighting, he still was sensitive.

“Excuse me?” Markus asked in a growing rage. “What did you just call me?”

This time it was Keiko’s turn to stutter. “M…m…mandingo…isn’t that your nickname?”

“Um, NO. Why would it be?”

“All the girls used to call you that in high school…I thought it was a name you gave yourself by the way they used it.” Keiko’s face reddened and she stared at the dark floor.

Markus unclenched his jaw and forced himself to relax and smile, “It’s ok. It was a long time ago and I guess there is a compliment in there somewhere. He was hung like a fucking donkey, after all.” He sat back down at the table and waved for the waiter to bring him another drink. Long, silence-filled minutes passed as the tension slowly dissipated between them. Soon, idle small talk filled the silence until Markus smiled at one of her stories and finally laughed.

Keiko smiled back, “So, seriously. Do you want to go upstairs? No strings, no complications…just some fucking for old times’ sake?”

“Keiko, I can’t,” said Markus, shaking his head slowly. “I’m married, you’re married…we both have kids. I’m just not like that.”

“Markus, dear sweet Markus. I don’t want a life with you. I want your hard, black cock in my ass. I want to feel you come inside me and I want to come all over your shaft. No muss, no fuss.” Keiko said as she rose from her chair. “Now, are you coming or not?”

Staring at the floor, Markus’ mind was flooded. Despite his earlier protests, Keiko would not be the first woman he slept with outside his marriage. He and his wife had a loose agreement about keeping the marriage open for opportunities just like this one, but it was an option neither used on a regular basis. Their sex life had only improved since their marriage and they filled most of each others’ needs. But there had been a couple others over the years.

“What about your husband?”

“He isn’t here and I’m not going to tell him. Are you? Or is that a major problem for you?”

Markus shook his bald head, “No, not a problem. I just wanted to make sure you had thought about him.”

“Markus, you aren’t the first guy I’ve picked up in a bar. Hell, I picked Tony, my second husband, up in a bar and fucked him in the back of his car. He knew what he was in for when we got married.”

Despite the earlier drama, Markus still found himself very aroused by the thought of feeling her soft body pressed against his. “Okay. Let’s go.” said Markus, waving his arm toward the door for Keiko to lead the way.

The elevator was a short walk across the lobby and Markus was pretty sure that someone must have seen them leave together but he was starting not to care. He was enjoying watching Keiko’s full ass shimmy and slide beneath the silk of her dress. Knowing there was nothing covering the skin underneath was making the show even more dizzying. Markus stabbed the fifth floor button of a waiting elevator and the couple barely looked at each other. Once the doors slid shut with a chime, Markus turned and took Keiko into his arms, leaning forward to kiss her.

“Hold on there, Romeo,” said Keiko, hands pushing against his chest. “Don’t jump ahead. Wait until we get into the room.”

“Seriously?” smiled Markus, moving in for a second attempt, only to be once again pushed away. “I can’t even have a little kiss? It’s not like I unzipped my fly.”

“Baby, good things come to those who wait,” said Keiko as the doors opened to her floor and she slid out of Markus’ grasp.

The door to Room 513 opened with an electric click and closed with a solid thunk. Markus locked the deadbolt as well. “Just in case we fall asleep…we don’t want the maid barging in on us.”

Keiko smiled as she kicked off her shoes and flopped onto the bed, “That might be fun too. I love the thought of being watched…” She slid over as Markus lay down beside her, gently putting his hand on her thigh. The feeling of his firm hand, made her shiver, much to Markus’ delight and amusement.

“Don’t worry baby girl,” Markus said in a deep, sexy voice. “I`ll be gentle.” The extra bass in his voice make Keiko explode into laughter.

“When the hell did you become Barry White? ‘Can’t get enough of your love, babe…'” crooned Keiko. Markus couldn’t help but chuckle too, partly at her bad singing, but mostly at himself.

“Ok then smart ass, if you don’t want deep and soulful, what do you want? And PLEASE don’t say Mandingo. I’m really not that large…”

Keiko pushed Markus over onto his back and grasped his belt buckle. “Markus, shut up and just let me do it. Say another word and you will be here all by yourself. Got it?” And just to make sure he couldn’t speak, Keiko collapsed onto him, her lips mashing against his.

Exploring Markus’ mouth with an insistent tongue, Keiko slid her hands up his sides, enjoying the softness his good life had given him over his athletic frame. Reaching his shoulders, her fingers moved to his neck and started to unravel the tie under his collar. His firm hands, slowly, almost tentatively, roamed and stroked the backs of her thighs, getting higher each time, but never quite reaching her round ass.

Knot conquered, Keiko moved onto the stubborn little button pushing against Markus’ dark throat. He was just about to reach up and help her when the button popped free and Keiko planted her mouth on his neck like a starving vampire. A low, rough growl vibrated against her lips as her teeth firmly squeezed one of Markus’ straining neck muscles.

“You like that do you?” she teased, biting down again, harder this time. Her fingers released another three buttons on his shirt and she opened his shirt to expose one of his small, brown nipples. “Mmmm, that looks yummy,” she said, peaking at it from her spot on his neck.

“Don`t you know?” he whispered. “Black men taste like chocolate.”

Her tongue traced a path to his nipple before she surrounded it with her lips. A sudden gasp expressed Markus’ enjoyment at the attention being paid to his chest as Keiko’s other hand slid under the fabric of his shirt and hunted for his other nipple.

“Keiko, wait…”

Biting down hard on the nipple in her mouth, Keiko silenced his words but forced out a yelp of pain. “Now Markus,” she scolded. “I told you to be quiet and just let me have you. Tonight is my night…I have been waiting for it and thinking about it for fifteen fucking years. So shut up, let me use you and trust me, you will enjoy yourself too.”

He lay quiet and felt her mouth tug on his nipple once again. He was in uncharted waters. Markus had never lost or given up control before. He was the alpha male. He was always in charge. But with Keiko’s hand starting to rub his hard cock through his suit pants, he was unable to resist.

Wetness starting to leak from his cock, Markus relaxed and put his hands behind his head. Keiko finished unbuckling his belt, opening his button and fly. Spreading the cloth of his pants, she took a minute to enjoy the sight of Markus’ erection straining against the cotton of his underwear. Despite his comments earlier, Markus was no slouch in the genitalia department and his size of his package made Keiko’s pussy start to drip.

Keiko bent her head to the wet spot on his briefs and licked at the moisture. Markus moaned, feeling the touch of her tongue through the thin fabric covering his cockhead. His leg twitched, pushing the silk of Keiko’s dress against her pussy, causing her to catch her breath sharply. Seeing her reaction, Markus flexed his leg again, pushing slightly off the bed this time.

This time it was Keiko’s turn to moan. Markus tightened and relaxed his muscled thigh over and over in a slow pulsing until she shivered uncontrollably and her wetness stained her dress and his pant leg.

“Fuck Markus…” panted Keiko. “I need your cock inside me right now.” She freed his erection from its cloth confines and rubbed its length roughly. In one quick motion, Keiko straddled his hips and impaled her sopping cunt on his shaft.

With a rhythm born of lust and more than a little frustration, Markus thrust his pelvis in the air, almost matching his partner’s frantic gyrations against him. His hands naturally found her swinging breasts and pulled them free from the silk of her dress. Her nipples were large and brown and filled his mouth as he pulled them in. Her skin was sweet and he spent long seconds teasing her hardness with his tongue before moving to her other breast to give it equal attention. By the moans and whimpers coming from deep within Keiko’s soul, Markus could tell the effects of his tongue on her breasts, his cock in her pussy and Keiko’s grinding clit against the stubble of his shaved crotch were pushing her close to the edge again.

Markus thrust his hips ceilingward and arched his back, holding Keiko aloft, her full weight pressing her clitoris against him roughly and the full length of his shaft inside her. With a scream, Keiko came for the second time and her love spasms nearly threw her off her black lover and onto the rough carpet. Markus held her breasts tightly as she came, providing much needed support. When her shaking started to subside, he pulled her body to his, both of them still almost completely clothed.

She lay with her head on his chest while he stroked her back and her sweat-matted hair, his cock still inside her and dripping with her wetness. His rod started to throb as he replayed the last few minutes in his mind.

“Is that a hint?” said the breathy voice from his new lover.

Markus kissed the top of Keiko’s head. “Not at all, baby girl. You just rest there for a while. Mandingo will be ready whenever you are again.”

“Mandingo…seriously? You just named your cock Mandingo?” Keiko laughed.

“I don’t think it was me the girls were talking about in school. I think it must have been…him.” Markus said, pulsing his cock for emphasis.

“Well then, Mandingo,” Keiko said, climbing from Markus’ hips and moving her face down to between his legs. “Lets see if you taste like chocolate now that you have had some Japanese pussy.”