by Maximilian Lagos © 2005
All Rights Reserved. Not to be reproduced without the written permission of the author.

In her dreaminess, she reached over to touch his smooth skin, but only found an empty spot where he had lain. She became instantly awake and sat up quickly in bed, spilling the sheets, the moonlight highlighting her breasts.

Her initial panic washed away when she saw his note on the pillow, “Got paged, be back soon for more, love you, K”. She lay back down on her pillow, her heart now pumping not from fear, but from the wave of memory and remembered sensations from their lovemaking earlier in the evening.

She felt the familiar tingle between her legs and knew it wasn’t going to go away on its own. She sighed and rolled onto her side so she could reach her night stand. Her bottom drawer held what she needed to get back to sleep and wait for his return. She gently removed the wooden box from the drawer and rolled onto her other side, placing the box where her lover should have been laying. She lifted the lid and considered her options for a brief second. She knew one wouldn’t be enough to satisfy her after her evening so she selected a few of her favourites and pushed the box aside.

The sheets crumpled at her feet as she squirmed on her bed until she was comfortable and nothing was in the way of her pleasure. Reaching beside her, she selected her favourite vibe with the extra bit to tease her hardening clit. Her left hand slid across her full breasts and down her soft round belly to her waiting sex. She danced her fingers across her labia and over her clit as she licked the head and shaft of her transparent cock, taking time to tease the beads under the skin. She loved the feeling against her tongue and wished real cocks came with that wonderful feature.

She traced the same path with the tip of her wet vibe as she made with her now wet fingers, over her rough nipple and down to her neatly trimmed bush. Her crimson fingernail flicked the device to life and sliding it ever so slowly between her lips so that the beads she loved so much were rubbing directly against her love spot.

The first contact against her sensitive clit caused her to arch her back and thrust her hips and toy into the air, holding like that for a minute and as she got used to the incredible feelings passing from the latex to the rest of her voluptuous body through the single point of her clit, she very slowly lowered her ass back to the sheets, jerking skyward again and again as a new sensation washed over her cunt.

In her extreme state of arousal, her first orgasm took her in less than two minutes, thrashing around her bed, screaming obscenities and moaning. In bed she was no wilting flower. She enjoyed sex and her body as much as any man or woman she had ever met and she could put a porn actress to shame with her technique and behaviour.

She lay quietly, feeling the little spasms of her orgasm still running from her clit to her beautiful nipples. The cock was back at her lips and on her tongue as she licked her juices from it and prepared it for round two. Feeling relaxed but not fully satisfied, she dispensed with the self-inflicted romance and tenderness from the last time and quickly popped the cockhead from her mouth and drove it hard and rough into her very wet and very waiting pussy in one movement.

The feeling took her breath away. She loved being taken roughly and sometimes without permission, as her lover often did. Working in her home office and having him sneak up behind her, quickly throw her skirt into the air above her waist, push her over her desk or filing cabinet and rip her thong aside as he rammed his hard, hot cock into her unsuspecting pussy. She always came very quickly when she was taken like that, but it was happening far too infrequently these days with him being a slave to that pager. He should be my slave, not that miserable piece of plastic’s, she thought every time she wanted him but he wasn’t there. Like tonight.

She felt the vibration in her wet cunt and felt the beads turning in the shaft inside her. The rabbit-shaped piece was firmly pressed against her throbbing clitty as she just held her cock in place, savouring the feeling. Slowly, she drew it out until the beads were rubbing against her pussy lips and she drove it back into her snatch again, pressing it into place. She loved teasing herself with these long strokes out and then the rough fucks back in. Her stroking gathered in speed and intensity until she had fucked herself to another screaming, sweaty orgasm which threw her sheets to the floor.

As she lay, running gentle fingertips over her mound and lightly pinching her nipples with the other hand, she knew she would not be totally fulfilled until he came back and she could be fucked back to sleep by his heavenly cock.

But first, she thought as an evil smile crept across her lips, I will have to punish him for leaving me when I need certain parts of him so badly. She rolled back onto her side, facing the box again. She lifted the lid and replaced the toys she had taken out for her own personal enjoyment. She reached into the box’s darkness and removed what she knew to be there and the implement of her lover’s punishment.

The harness was black leather, oiled and polished until it shone. Projecting from it was a shiny black dildo, complete with veins and balls, modeled after some male porn star which she had never heard of. She held the harness in the moonlight and admired the size and beauty of the black cock. She had been fucked many times by this rod and had very fond memories of each and every time.

And she had fucked many times with it too, which she discovered she really enjoyed much more than receiving it herself. She loved the power and the brutality of fucking some beautiful girl or boy in the pussy and ass. She loved it when they begged for her to stop, knowing they were actually begging her not to. She played hard, but always by the rules. Only once had a plaything ever used the safeword and she stopped thrusting and removed the cock from her ass immediately. Sex was supposed to be fun after all and once it wasn’t, what was the point?

She stood beside her bed and stepped into the harness. She found putting it on to be very erotic so she always took her time, feeling the leather slipping up over her smooth thighs and rounded hips. The part she loved best though was sliding the small, plug-like dildo between her lips and into her soaking cunt. She had the leathersmith who made the harness install the plug so the thrusting of her plundering a tender asshole would allow her to be fucked as well. After some particularly amazing sessions, the leather would be soaked with her juices and she would work them into the leather when she was done to keep the harness supple.

She enjoyed the pussy plug so much she was planning to take it back to have an ass plug put in as well but it would have to wait. For tonight, she would have to make do with the thin strap of leather between her rounded ass cheeks, pressing on her sensitive hole. Most women say they don’t enjoy anal sex, but she loved it. She loved to be fucked in every way possible and she loved to return the favour.

In the glow from the window and with the harness securely in place, her reflection in the mirror made her wet with anticipation. Her large frame had the benefit of giving her large but full breasts and a beautifully round ass. To see her complete, hot package, with a foot long cock hanging off the front of it made her knees week. She lay back down on her bed and hoped her lover would be home soon.

She let her mind wander and she started to fantasize about what it would be like to have a real cock of her own, what it would be like to play with it and feel cum spray out to splatter on some beautiful face. Her hand strayed down to her dick and she started stroking it lightly as she thought. The pressure of the plug in her cunt when she stroked the long ebony shaft felt amazing so she closed her eyes and imagined having a real cock and being fucked at the same time. Her hand started to slide up and down the shaft faster and faster, causing her dripping pussy to be fucked faster and faster.

Just as she was about to cum for the third time that night, she heard a voice say, “Is that for me or are you going to keep it all for yourself?”

She smiled at her lover’s voice and said, “I am going to fuck you until you promise never to leave me alone again.” She opened her eyes to see her lover silhouetted by the window, naked, stroking his cock in time with her. His torso looked like it was carved from living marble. His long hours playing soccer and cycling sculpted his body into a work of art she wanted to explore and worship forever.

She felt a pang of self-doubt as she ran her eyes all over his hard legs and wondered to herself why he found her attractive. She was soft where he was hard, rounded where he was flat. But when she looked into his deep blue eyes, she could see the flames of desire and when he licked his lips like a lion watching a gazelle, she knew. It was pure, raw, unbridled lust: carnal, dark, messy.

The passion carried over into the rest of their lives as well. It coloured and flavoured every aspect of their relationship, making the smallest issues explode like an atom bomb, just as an excuse to have make-up sex. Tonight was different though. As much as she wanted to punish him for scaring her when she woke up alone, she wanted to show him exactly how much she needed and had to have him. He loved having his ass violated by her cock so even though tonight’s play would be violent and painful, she knew he was going to love every second and fully play along.

“Stop playing with your cock and get over here,” she commanded in her best power voice.

“Yes, mistress,” he said with a naughty smile as he walked over to her side of the bed. “What would you like me to do?”

“Shut your filthy mouth, slave! You will not talk again until I tell you to. Get on your knees.” He obeyed and sunk to his knees beside her, still wearing that wicked grin. She swung herself so she was sitting in front of him, one leg on either side of his tightly muscled waist, long hard cock pointing right at his chest. “And since you can’t seem to get that smile off your face, I want you to suck on my cock until I come in your pretty mouth. Maybe that will teach you your place.”

He just barely managed to get a “Yes mistress” out before she drove her cock between his lips, pushing the head to the back of his throat. She knew he could take it. He had before. The shiver of pleasure in her pussy was her instant reward for her cruelty.

She held his head between her hands, slowly fucking his eager mouth with her own head thrown back in ecstasy. He was providing just the right amount of resistance to her thrusting to really work the plug in her cunt, juices flowing around it and down her thighs. She started to fuck his face faster and harder, her orgasm getting closer and closer. With one final hard and fast thrust which rammed the thick rubber cock down his throat, she came and dripped her liquid all over her slave’s chest, making it glisten in the moonbeams.

She slowly slithered her cock from his mouth as the last flickers of her orgasm shuttered her body. His smile was gone now, replaced with the look of a hungry animal. It was a look she had seen a hundred times before and one that she was waiting for tonight. He was completely hers. He would comply with her every whim and command but there was only one command she wanted to give.

“Get up here and get on your knees, fucker,” she hissed. He scrambled quickly onto the bed beside his beautiful punisher. Bending at the waist, he held his ankles and pressed his face into her pillow. “Don’t make a sound. If I hear anything at all, I will stop and you don’t want that do you?”

He wordlessly shook his head, knowing the rules after having played this scene many times before. The worst thing she could do to him now was stop.

He felt the bed shift as she moved behind him, ready to take him. The chill of the lube made him tighten his hole as she dripped it between his spread cheeks. “Relax baby,” she whispered, “this will only hurt for as long as I want it to.”

She slid the head of her cock up and down his crack, spreading the lube over her shaft and teasing his hole. Suddenly, mid tease, she pushed her cock-head smoothly and firmly through his tight opening, forcing over half of her rod into his body. It took all of his concentration not to moan with the most exquisite pain he felt in a long time.

She lay on his back, her large breasts flattening between their bodies. She kissed his back between his shoulders and whispered in his ear, “I am going to fuck you until I cum. You better cum before I do.”

She knew he would. Neither of them would have to touch his hard cock. The feel of his ass being plundered would be more than enough for him to shoot his load on their sheets. He was such a whore for getting his ass fucked.

Slowly, she started to slide her black rubber member in and out of her man’s hole, feeling him shiver and quake on each thrust. The plug in her cunt was soaked again with her juice as she picked up speed. “Moan bitch!” she screamed, sending him over the edge and covering the bed in cum as he filled the room with the sounds of his torture.

Another dozen thrusts and she added her own orgasm to his, collapsing onto his back, pushing him into the wet spots on the mattress. They lay together, panting, with her still inside him, watching the moonlight fade with the first rays of dawn, as the insistent sound of his vibrating pager sang them to sleep.