The Anticipation of Joy

by Maximilian Lagos © 2008
All Rights Reserved. Not to be reproduced without the written permission of the author.

Printed in “The Lust Chronicles” by Ravenous Romance, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.

I had been passing by the place for months, everyday on my way to work.

I knew what it was and I knew what it couldn’t be. It couldn’t be any sort of weight loss centre or chiropractor. The sign said “Back Health Centre” and underneath were two words in pink neon: “Open” and “Massage”.

The location in an industrial park next to the airport and the mirrored outside storefront windows were dead giveaways. As inexperienced as I was in this sort of thing, I just knew. The raw rush of adrenaline and lust was giving me the shakes.

Walking through the door should have been hard or strange but it wasn’t. The blood was pounding in my ears and making me lightheaded. I felt drunk, drunk on the rush of new experience.

“Hi, how can I help you?” asked the matronly lady behind the desk, between sips of her Diet Coke.

“Umm…I would like a massage,” I stammered with as much non-embarrassment as I could muster.

“Sure sweety. Have you ever been here before?” The laughter in her eyes gave away that she already knew the answer already.

“Umm…No.” I felt like I was losing my virginity all over again and I guess I was. She was taking my pay-for-sex cherry.

“It will be forty dollars for a half hour and you will probably want to tip the girl as well, usually at least twenty.”

“Is there a bank machine nearby?”

She looked at me with a condescending little grin and nodded slowly to my left. I was so close to the ATM, I could have used it for support.

“Umm, no…is there another one? I would prefer this not to show up on my bank statement.” It was a shared account with my wife after all and she did NOT need to know that I was sweating up a storm in a House of Ill Repute.

“Well, the nearest one is two lights north at the gas station. But this one won’t say where it was…” she gestured to the blinking box again.

“No I think I would rather go to the other one. I’ll be right back.” She waved me off with a smile that said “Yeah, I’ve heard that before” and took another pull from the can in front of her.

Nearly exploding out the door, I staggered back to my car, positive that everyone for a hundred miles knew where I just was and what I wanted, no, needed, to do. Hands still shaking and mind still numb, I drove the two blocks to the gas station and its non-prostitution-linked bank machine. To tell the truth, I don’t remember much of the drive there and back. I was on total libido-fueled autopilot. Suddenly, I was climbing the two cement steps and pulling open the mirrored door once again.

“Hi! Glad you came back!” The surprise on her face was genuine. She must have seen hundreds of guys chicken out with one excuse or another. But I was a foregone conclusion. It would have been impossible for me not to come back.

“Forty dollars please,” she asked, pushing a button on her desk, causing a doorbell to ring deeper in the building. I had gone through the effort of separating the five twenty dollar bills I had taken from the ATM, putting sixty into one pocket and forty into the other. No sense in letting them know exactly how much money I had. I was horny, not dumb.

I took out the bigger wad of cash and peeled off two bills as coolly as my trembling hands would allow. Damn adrenaline! I felt like a high school kid on his first date, not the smooth, charismatic twenty-five year old that I thought I was. Deep breaths dude, just calm down.

The remaining twenty went back into my pocket with what I assume was a look of disapproval from the desk lady. She said a minimum of twenty for a tip and assumed I took her advice literally. “Room five, down the hall on your left.”

It was a short hallway, dark and cool, doors lining both sides. Door 5 looked like all the rest, complete with a peep-hole. It was installed backwards though: for looking from the hall into the room. The door was slightly open and I pushed my way into the rather brightly lit room. “Oh sorry,” I blurted to the person leaning against the table in the centre of the room.

“It’s ok, sweety,” she said with a smile. “My name is Joy. Would you like me to give you a massage?”

My initial shock disappeared in a snap, taking in the full situation. The room was the size of a small bedroom with mirrored walls on two sides. A typical massage table was centred on the floor. There was some new age music playing from the stereo which shared a table in the room’s corner with a stack of towels, a box of Kleenex and bottles of oil, baby powder and rubbing alcohol.

Joy shifted against the table and drew my focus back to where it should have been. She was about my height, short for a man but good for a woman, slight, Asian with long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. Red lace and sheer satin covered her body, a babydoll with ties at the breasts and hung open to show her soft, smooth stomach.

“Umm, yes please,” remembering I hadn’t answered yet. Joy smiled sweetly and moved toward me.

“What’s your name?”

“Max,” I said, never thinking I should lie.

“Nice to meet you Max,” said Joy, taking me into her arms and pressing her body against me. I returned the hug, stiffly. “Why don’t you get undressed? Would you like to take a shower?” I looked over to the stall and agreed. Certainly wouldn’t hurt to be clean.

“Umm…yes, I think so.”

“Alright have a quick shower and up on the table so I can work on your back. I will be back in a minute.”

Joy closed the door behind her quietly and left me alone to strip. I don’t think a man has ever gotten naked faster anywhere anytime. The hot water in shower wasn’t hot enough but I wasn’t in there long enough to matter. I washed my cock and ass for the third time and shut off the tap.

The overbleached white towel felt like sandpaper against my skin but I quickly roughed myself up and tossed it into the shower.

I climbed, face down, onto the massage table and took a deep breath. I felt really silly lying there, ass exposed to the world, listening to Enya, but there I was. I was nervous, thrilled, embarrassed and aroused beyond words.

It seemed to take hours for Joy to come back, but there was a quiet knock on the door and it opened a crack. “All ready?”

“Yep, come on in.” Joy slipped into the room and closed us in.

Dimming the lights, Joy asked “Is this your first visit for a massage?” She walked over and put her hand lightly on the small of my back. My skin was freezing from nerves and the shower and her hand felt like it was on fire. Her touch caused me to moan into the pillow an agreement.

“Would you like a bit of oil?” Her hand slid to my shoulder, earning her another affirmative moan.

The oil felt thin between her small hands and my back. She worked her way up and down, left and right. As I relaxed, I turned my head slightly to watch Joy in the mirrors. “How does that feel?” she whispered.


“Would you like it harder or softer?” Does it really matter, I thought. But the massage was actually feeling pretty good so I asked for harder. Joy moved to my head and started working on my shoulders. “Are you a cop?”

“Umm…no…computer guy” I stammered.

“Ok. You can touch me if you want.” I didn’t move, thinking about what she was asking and why. Joy slid her hands down my dangling arms and took my hands in hers. She touched my palms to the back of her thighs, just above the knee and said again, “You can touch me.” I left my hands where she put them as she went back to massaging my shoulders. Joy laughed, “Seriously, touch my ass.”

Laughing quietly, tension broken, I slid my hands up and down the backs of her legs once or twice before moving up to their goal. The red lace thong left her cheeks wonderfully exposed and their weight felt amazing in my hands. I squeezed and massaged her bum while she worked on my neck.

“Would you like any extras?” Joy whispered in my ear.

“Umm…extras? Like what?”

“Well, topless for twenty, nude for forty and nude reverse for sixty.”

My head started to swim as she moved beside me and her hands moved lower to start teasing the crack of my ass. My cock started to harden and I shifted to relieve some of its pressure. Joy took my movement as an invitation and gently ran her fingertips across my balls.

“Umm…what is nude reverse?” I managed to say.

“I lie down on the table and you can massage me. Touch my entire body, however you want.”

At that moment, there was no way I could or wanted to get up off the table. “Nude, please…umm…pay now or pay after?”

“No no, after is fine,” Joy laughed again. She took a step back and cleared her throat to get my attention. I lifted my head and she pulled the bow loose on her top, allowing her small breasts to fall free. Soft, puffy nipples, dark brown against pale skin. Totally suckable.

She let the sheer fabric fall to the floor and cupped her breasts, squeezing. “Good so far?”

“Yes, very.” I smiled. She slid her hands slowly from her breasts and down her ribs and stomach, fingers finding their way into her panties.

“Mmmmm,” Joy moaned, massaging her pussy inside the fabric. In one swift motion, her panties joined the rest of her outfit at her feet.

Joy performed a giggling little spin so I could appreciate her entire body. And I certainly did. She was not the Hollywood standard of beautiful but she would have turned my head if we passed on the sidewalk. She was older than me, maybe up to ten years and her belly showed signs of having a baby. Her bush was slightly trimmed but mostly natural, a very welcome change from the current fashion of shaved bald. And, as if she was made for me, her armpits were unshaven. I don’t know why hairy armpits are one of my most intense fetishes, but there you go. “Roll onto your back, please.”

I moved slowly as to not fall off the bed while Joy trailed her fingers across my chest and nipples. “You can touch me some more.”

My hands resumed their exploration, unhindered by her nakedness. Her smooth butt, firm breasts, her beautiful pussy. She bent over and pressed a nipple to my mouth. I licked, teased and sucked gently, coaxing a moan from her lips. Bent over me, Joy’s cunt was there for the taking and I tentatively slid my fingers to her lower lips. Her legs parted to give me easier access. Thumbing her clit softly, her wetness covered my fingers as I gently slid one then two into her hot snatch. She pushed down against my hand and gripped my fingers with her vaginal muscles.

“Mmmmm, that feels really good,” she purred. “But we are running out of time, baby. We only have about five minutes left.”

I slid my hand from between her legs and laid it on my chest. “So, what now then?”

“Would you like me to massage you everywhere?”

“Umm…yes please.”

She put her hand in mine. “Put my hand where you want me to touch you.” I guided her hand downwards and laid it on my hard cock. “Good,” she said and reached for the oil.

She stroked me with a skill borne of hours of practice, knowing when to speed up and when to slow down, when to rub just the head, when to stroke my entire length. Joy’s other hand alternated from soft rubbing my balls to softly pinching my nipples.

Far too quickly, my body twitched and spasmed, releasing all the tension Joy had built up. “Ahhh,” she moaned. “So good, yes baby, so good. Wait right there and I will get a hot towel and clean you up.”

“Trust me,” I replied. “I’m in no condition to go anywhere.”