A whirlwind of adventure

Ever have one of those lives that seem to, well, have a life of its own?

So much has happened in the past few weeks that has had me running in
a million directions at once…

First and foremost, pre-order your 2011 NYC Sex Blogger Calendar now!
At the same time, you can buy a day and leave a message which will last for the entire month…pretty damn cool. Click here to order or click on the banner in the sidebar.

Second, I am very excited to be working with MauiKink.com and Good Vibrations.
MauiKink.com is a great place to buy excellent BDSM toys lovingly
handcrafted from exotic materials…I have a length of coconut rope
which I am DYING to try out. And Good Vibrations is…Good Vibrations!
On my first trip to San Fran, I made a pilgrimage to their shop on
Valencia Street only to find it closed for another couple hours. I got
a really bad picture of me out front with half their sign in the shot,
just to prove I was there. On my second trip tho, I dragged my wife
and our friend there and we spent over an hour…I was like a perv in
a perverted candy store. Their museum of old, and really dangerous
looking, vibrators is really cool.

Lastly, I am waiting to hear back on a couple story submissions and I
actually had an editor contact me, ASKING to use one of my stories!
VERY cool!

Gotta go to bed…took WAY too long to write this…

Kisses and spanks, lovers!

PS: Find out what the hottest sex toys are today at Good Vibrations. These products have been proven to be the most popular with Good Vibes customers over the past few months.


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