by Maximilian Lagos © 2006
All Rights Reserved. Not to be reproduced without the written permission of the author.

Printed in “Coming Together: By Hand”, edited by Alessia Brio.

The bag of frozen peas felt good on Mike’s swollen balls.

It had been four long days since his vasectomy and most of the pain was gone but his scrotum was still about the size of a large orange. So, being a bit of a drama queen, or king in this case, Mike was flat on his back in their queen-sized bed, peas in place, just relaxing and being waited on, hand, foot and balls.

“Suz,” he called down the stairs. “Could I have a can of pop? I need to take another pill.”

“Be right there. I’m putting the kids down.”

Flicking channels absentmindedly, Mike let his mind drift randomly from thought to thought and was deeply engrossed in one concerning his boss’s boss, a pair of pliers and a blowtorch when Suzy strode into the room.

The sense of purpose evident in her movements caught Mike’s eye immediately and he opened his mouth to speak.

“NOT..a..word,” Suzy barked, moving to the foot of the bed, directly in front of him. She grabbed the comforter and in one motion, threw it, Mike’s makeshift icepack and the previously sleeping cat on the floor beside her.

Naked on the bed, Mike stared at his wife of fifteen years in shock and bewilderment. He started to open his mouth again to speak, “Wha…”

“I said shut up.” Suzy hissed as she pulled her top over her head, letting her breasts flop against her body. She tossed the tanktop aside and hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her pants, she pushed them to the floor. Freeing her legs of the clothing, she placed a pedicured foot on the low footboard of the bed.

Pushing her hips forward, Suzy opened her legs to give Mike an unhindered view of her trimmed bush leading to her full lips. She watched his face as he traced a path with his eyes from her shoulders to her sex and back again.

Suzy grasped her breasts in her hands, gently squeezing and massaging them. Her thumb and forefinger found her dark nipples, rolling them to hardness, eliciting a moan from her throat. Leaving her left hand in place around her ample breast, her right slid down her soft stomach. Fingers together, she cupped her pussy and pressed her palm against her mound.

Eyes jammed shut, Suzy rocked back and forth against her hand, savouring the feeling and pressure against all her sex at once. Her tortured nipple was being pulled and twisted mercilessly as her breathing became more ragged. Sliding her wet fingers out from between her quivering legs, she slowly pressed them back into service, parting her swollen lips. Slick with desire, two of her fingers forcefully found their way into her throbbing opening, almost knocking Suzy to the ground with the intense sensation.

Head thrown back, Suzy’s body tensed and shook as she worked her fingers in her sex, occasionally slipping one finger out to tease her back opening, then driving them both in again.

Mashing her clit with the heel of her hand, she built towards the light. Faster and rougher, her hands took advantage of her succulent body, pinching, grinding and thrusting, again and again.

Suzy felt it coming and rammed her fingers deep into her pussy and held her hand tightly against her clit, pulling her nipple and pinching hard. Her orgasm washed over her and made her stagger in its ferocity, taking her foot off the bed.

Once she could control her thoughts and body once again, she opened her eyes and looked over at Mike on the mattress. His eyes were turbulent with passion and wonderment she had never seen before. More importantly, jutting from between his thighs was his magnificent, hard, throbbing cock straining for release.

Suzy brought her fingers to her mouth and locking Mike’s eyes, licked her tangy moisture off their red tips.

“Nice to see your feeling better,” she smiled. “Go get your own damn pop.”