Warming Up

by Maximilian Lagos © 2008
All Rights Reserved. Not to be reproduced without the written permission of the author.

Printed in “Too Much Boogie” by Logical-Lust, edited by Cole Riley.
Too Much Boogie

“Ahhh, love…that feels so good,” he cooed, English accent muffled by the pillow.

The redhead remained silent, working her tongue in, out and around his puckered opening. Joey was face down, moaning his pleasure into a cushion, pale white ass in the air. His clothes were strewn about the tiny room, having shed them as he entered.

There was a rap on the door. “5 minutes,” said the voice of the band’s manager. The sound of the rest of the band heading to the stage was muted by the locked dressing room door. Another bang on the door.

“Just hurry up and fuck. We got a gig now, in case you didn’t remember,” laughed Mike, the band’s drummer.

Joey moaned again, either in reply or in lust. She had been working on his hole for what seemed like hours, making him moan and writhe with intense pleasure.

“Alright baby, enough of that,” panted Joey as he turned to face the girl. “I need to cum.” Roughly, he pushed her onto her back on the filthy backstage dressing room carpet. She was still fully clothed: Joey was far too consumed with his own lust to worry about hers.

“Fucking hell, love! You still got all your kit on. I gotta do everything my fuckin’ self.” Reaching over her prone body, Joey fumbled for his jeans. Snagging the black denim, he plunged his hand into a pocket, removing his well used pocket knife.

The blade clicked as Joey opened it with one hand. He looked down at her for a reaction but her eyes remained vacant and her expression blank. “This doesn’t scare you, does it baby?” he teased. “My little knife here? No? Well how about now?”

He lunged forward and straddled her stomach, pinning her to the floor. She rolled and fought but Joey was bigger and stronger, but not by much. He had the look and stature of someone who abused his body in every way possible. Feeling the sharp edge of the steel pressed against her smooth cheek, she stopped struggling.

Her eyes remained fixed on his, not betraying any emotion for him to see, to use against her. Through the tinny monitor speaker above the door, the sound of the band starting to warm up their instruments on stage flowed into the room.

“Fuckin’ hell! I’m gonna miss the show,” he joked. “And I’m really close to the stage too…”

The humor drained from his face as Joey pushed the girl down by the throat and quickly sliced open the redhead’s tight black commemorative concert t-shirt, revealing smallish but perfectly beautiful tits. Like a starving man jumping on a steak, Joey attacked a hard, brown nipple with his teeth and tongue. A sharp intake of breath was the first indication to Joey that his playmate was still alive.

“Ahh, finally. You like that do you, baby? You like a bit of pain, don’t you?” He traced the point of the knife over the roughness of her other nipple, making her shudder. He bit down and pulled on her nipple like a dog with a blanket, shaking his head back and forth. The redhead screamed at the pain and her chest flushed at the pleasure. Her scream earned her a hard slap on her exposed tit, unwillingly making her back arch upward.

“Shall I cut you, baby?” Joey whispered. “Make you bleed?” He ran the knife’s tip across the swell of her breasts. The redhead started to wriggle and fight again at his words but another hard bite on the nipple quieted her instantly. The sound of the cheering crowd getting louder stopped the travel of the steel across her flesh before it could open her skin.

“Oh fuck this!” Joey exploded and spun around so his hard cock was hovering above her ruby red lips. “Suck me you fucking slag. Make me cum in your fucking mouth.” He thrust his cock into her mouth, knocking her head against the hard floor.

The sensation of her lips and tongue on his hot shaft almost made him orgasm immediately. She moaned at the rough treatment, but feeling her tongue pressing flat against the top of his cock, rubbing the head on every stroke, Joey was ignorant to everything but the fire building in his body.

Bucking his hips up and down, he fucked the girl’s mouth, hard and rough, not caring if he was hurting her. She reached up and grabbed him by the ass and pulled him more forcefully against and into her. The intensity took Joey by surprise. His head was resting on her thigh and the smell of her arousal was teasing his nose. He had to taste her.

The girl’s thin yoga pants were no match for Joey’s blade and met the same fate as her shirt. Her cunt was hairless and the sight of its wetness drove Joey to further heights of lust fueled madness.

He slammed his face against her mound with a growl and started licking ferociously. The attack slammed the redhead’s thighs against Joey’s head, rocking him back and forth as he ate her pussy. Her teeth clamped down firmly on his shaft and this time it was Joey’s turn to moan into her.

Flinging his knife across the room, he brought his arms around her legs, prying his head loose. His fingers spread her pussy as wide as he could, searching for her clit. It was erect and almost looked like it was throbbing, begging to be licked and sucked. Pulling her tight against his face, Joey felt the girl moan against his dick, her tongue sliding all over the shaft, her hands teasing and penetrating his asshole.

“Oh yes you fucking slut…you like this rock star shit don’t you? Like getting fucked backstage. You could get used to this, eh love?” Her juice covered his lips and chin and her hips were pressing upwards trying to find his mouth again.

Joey smashed his face against her again and took one of her pink lips into his mouth. His sucking and biting matched with both the tempo of the music coming from the stage and the rhythm of the redhead on his cock. Joey could feel the cum start to boil in his balls but he had to have this beautiful cunt around his cock.

“Right. Up on your knees you fucking slag.” He pulled his rod out of her mouth and slapped her hard on her thigh, leaving a bright pink handprint. As she got to her knees and crawled over to bend over the sofa, Joey could hear the sound of the band’s first hit from the stage, vamping, waiting for their lead singer.

Music is so like fucking, thought Joey. The first hit was his favorite so he started to sing quietly as he moved behind the redhead. “Oh yeah baby, you are the one I need…”

Joey rammed his dripping cock into her spread pussy, pushing a growling scream from the ruby lips. “I know you want me too, let’s find someplace private…” he panted. The music was entrancing and Joey’s thrusting matched the beat of the bass drum perfectly.

“Baby Baby, let me undress you…I need to feel your skin…” Every thrust brought him closer and closer to the edge as the song worked the crowd into frenzy. The redhead pushed back against his thrusts, struggling to build her own orgasm before Joey went off.

“Show me that you want me…That I am the best you ever had…The last you ever want…” The girl screamed when Joey’s hand smacked the tight cheek of her ass. Again, he landed a blow, causing another scream. The mix of her pain and his lust pushed him over the edge.

“Oh fuck baby, I’m coming!” Joey pulled his throbbing cock out of her cunt with a slurping noise and sprayed his fluid all over her back and ass. Wailing with frustration, the redhead rolled and sat heavily against the couch. She flung her legs wide and attacked her clit with one hand while torturing her nipple with the other.
Joey smirked as she rubbed herself to a screaming climax and then relaxed, twitching, against the couch.

“It’s about time baby…I have been finished forever and there are five hundred thousand insane fans screaming for the music to start.” He hoisted himself onto the ratty couch and laid on his side, cock dripping onto the fabric.

The redhead struggled to her feet and started cleaning herself up. Joey’s eyes followed her across the room as she pulled extra clothes off the rack in the corner of the dressing room. With practiced speed, she put on her makeup and fixed her hair.

With one final check in the mirror, she caught Joey’s stare in the reflection. “Fuck off Joey. Have a drink…have a shower…have whatever the fuck you want…but don’t be here when I get off stage.”

The sound of Holly’s boots echoed from the hallway as the door to the dressing room closed behind her. Her band had been vamping forever but now that she was warmed up, she needed to perform.