Use It or Lose It

So, the lovely Jazalyn put her Domme panties on the other day and told me that my website…THIS site…was a waste of money!!

Well, the conversation might not have been that harsh but it was pretty close :). The overall jist was since I hadn’t posted an update or a new story in over a YEAR, I was burning money for no real purpose.

I grudgingly had to agree. What kind of smut writer am I if I don’t actually write anything?

So here’s the deal. As my slave, I am tasking her with reminding me to post an update weekly and write a new story monthly. I have been lazy for far too long and actually miss writing some great, down and dirty sex scenes.

OK babygirl, it is all up to you now. You remind me and I will do it. If nothing gets’s ALL your fault.

Kisses and spanks,

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