Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex

Vivid Video and Tristan Taormino team up to bring the porn-loving community an interesting and hot tribute to Domination and submission kink, Rough Sex.

The DVD features five distinct scenes, each with a different take on the D/s theme and with a short interview introduction with the stars of each. The interview segments are cool, giving viewers an insight into why people, including adult film stars, find dominance and submission so appealing. I found the intros also gave a human face and connection with the stars that most mainstream fuck-and-suck porn never attempts.

The standard variations are captured: MaleDom, FemDom, and switching all are well represented. However, the first two scenes deal with male domination and faux-non-consensual sex. In fact, the second scene, staring Satine, is so realistic, I found the rape aspects disturbing, even though she was thanking him for dominating her throughout the scene. It is a very powerfully acted scene and may be too much for many people.

Switching with Sasha Gray was my favourite of the five. She and her boy had great chemistry and looked like they were having an excellent time slapping, spitting and topping each other, alternating roles through the entire scene.

This movie fits in nicely, I think, for the people who gave up vanilla a while ago but still aren’t into some of the more extreme kink offerings.

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