The Training of Poe – A Journey of Self-Discovery

Sometimes just being in the right place at the right time leads to amazing experiences.

In this case, being on Twitter and chatting with Bella Vendetta gave me the opportunity to review her newest film, The Training of Poe by Beautiful Revenge Productions, starring herself and Chelsea Poe.

Superficially, The Training of Poe can be described as a film showing indoctrination into old guard BDSM slavery, and on one level, it is. It gives us an inside peek into the rituals, techniques, and methods Mistress Vendetta has used to train previous slaves in her House. But the real story is Chelsea’s journey to understand what it means, and what it takes, to become “slave poe”.

Mistress Vendetta and poe enter into a very unique, intense, and sometimes obviously fun, relationship centred around total power exchange, but to a degree most will never experience. On her first day of training, Mistress Vendetta makes Chelsea’s situation perfectly clear when discussing safe words: “There is no magical one word that you can say in this house that will stop everything because this is not an act.” And at no point in its two hour run time does it ever feel like an act. It’s more like we are watching a couple at a play party or dungeon and we are permitted to be voyeurs, enjoying from a distance.

The format of this film as an erotic documentary works very well, and even though the subject matter is titillating to various levels, it never has that “porn” feel. That’s not to say this movie isn’t sexy. Sometimes the sexy jumps out and slaps you, especially scenes when Mistress Vendetta has just given instruction and then switches from firm teacher to a Domme wanting service. Her sexiness paints her voice as she tries to help poe find her own sexy within. The interplay between the two approaches, business-like to sultry then back again adds an intense eroticism, reminding viewers that poe is being trained to not only serve a Master or Mistress’ practical needs but also their every desire.

All of the standard things you would expect to see in slave training are present: posture, service, manners, communication as well as typical BDSM elements such as bondage, impact play, and humiliation which add to the feeling that we, like poe, are learning from Mistress Vendetta.

Its videography and editing is raw and honest, showing mistakes, emotion, and second thoughts. There is giggling, sarcasm, praise, frustration, redemption. I found myself laughing out loud at parts, thinking “oh slave poe, you just messed up BIG time” or “damn, that’s gonna suck”, and other times being enthralled with Mistress Vendetta’s ease, confidence, and charm. Chelsea’s moments talking to the camera in her slave quarters like a video diary, are a touching and honest reveal as she discovers her wants, her needs, and for the first time, her whole self.

Early in the film, there is a scene where Mistress Vendetta is tying poe into a rope harness and the camera stays on a long line of pre-come hanging from the tip of poe’s cock for several seconds, focussing your attention on her arousal. Visuals like that, along with its day-in-the-life style and authenticity make The Training of Poe unique, refreshing, and so very, very engaging.

The Training of Poe is available for download through TROUBLEfilms, on DVD directly from Bella Vendetta, or individual clips from

Visit the Official The Training of Poe website for more information.

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