The More, the Merrier

Coming Together is pleased to announce the contents of its upcoming
release, Coming Together: As One, a collection of erotic fiction and
poetry to benefit ONE:

* Introduction (Samantha Kane)
* Doing Shelly’s Dishes (Will Belegon)
* Double the Pleasure (Victoria Blisse)
* The Hunt (Annabeth Leong)
* The Rapture (C. Sanchez-Garcia)
* Ménage à Denim (Jeremy Edwards)
* May the Best Man Win (Skylar Kade)
* My Heroes (Annemarie Hartnett)
* Sleeper Car (Maximilian Lagos)
* The Things That Go on at Siesta Time (Saskia Walker)
* Poets (Daniel Burnell)
* Cunning Little Vixens (Giselle Renarde)
* Farmer’s Market Surprise (Jolene Hui)
* Neapolitan (Allison Wonderland)
* Tailor Made (DC Juris)
* Cold Turkey (Heidi Champa)
* Detente (Lisabet Sarai)
* Euphoria (Angeleque Ford)
* Threesome (Angeleque Ford)
* When Three Become One (Angeleque Ford)
* One (Ramona Thompson)
* The Actress (Lily Harlem) – AWAITING CONFIRMATION
* The Equinox Inside Her (L.A. Mistral) – AWAITING CONFIRMATION
* Guys, Like Gelato (L.A. Mistral) – AWAITING CONFIRMATION
* Light to Share (L.A. Mistral) – AWAITING CONFIRMATION

Coming Together: As One will be released concurrently in ebook and
print in April 2010 from Phaze Books.

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