Truth or Dare

Maybe it is because we are old. Or maybe it is because we have been together for a million years. Or maybe my wife and I have actually had every conversation a married couple can have. Well, for whatever reason, Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion by Chronicle Books didn’t teach us anything new about ourselves or each other. We did end the night having great sex, but I don’t think it had much to do with the game.

A couple glasses of wine might have shifted our mood a little bit or made the cutsie-worded Dares easier to get into. For a game dealing with such mature topics, the language used on the cards did not do anything to set a sexy mood… made me actually feel like I was back in grade school, way too nervous to ask my crush to the Friday night dance.

The Truth cards were far more interesting than the Dare. So after a few minutes, we just boxed the Dares and took turns reading each other the Truths. We laughed quite a bit and made up some more silly than sexy answers, both agreeing the Truth side was good but could be even better with a group of people playing and again, several bottles of wine.

I did offer to send the game to a friend who is looking to reconcile with her husband. In a recent conversation, one of her fantasies was revealed to a surprised: “I didn’t think you would be into that.” It might be just the thing she needs to break the ice and open those lines of communication again. New couples would probably have fun with Truth or Dare, too, loosening inhibitions because “the cards told us to.”

Personally, I am going to stick with Strip Poker and Spin The Bottle.

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