Tenga Squeeze Play

Environmental concerns aside, the concept of disposable sex toys makes a lot of sense, especially masturbators for men. No muss, no fuss, just pop the cap back on when you are done and into the garbage it goes. And the Tenga Squeeze Play, in addition to being one use, is one of the best masturbation toys I have ever tried.

Physically, it resembles a freakishly large tube of toothpaste. Tenga also didn’t bother trying to make the opening look anatomical, opting instead for a simple hole. The entire design of the product is very purpose oriented, which is really what men look for when we need to get off solo. It is even prelubricated which makes things VERY convenient. But that is just packaging, the real magic is on the inside.

The inside of the tube is nicely form fitting and lined with tiny knobs to add to the sensation. There is a small hole in the top which easily controls the suction and pressure inside the tube but which also leads to some amusing squishing and farting noises. Overall however, it was still a pretty insignificant distraction. The sensation will never fool you into thinking you are making whoopie to another human being, but it still felt very good and was more than capable of completing its task.

Overall, the Squeeze Play is almost perfect. Almost.

The biggest drawback would be the price. For a disposable item, it should be cheap but the prices I have seen online, although not as much as a Fleshlight, for example, are still much too high for a throw away. Until the price comes down, I am afraid for me anyway, the Tenga Squeeze Play will remain a novelty as opposed to a temporary, but replenished, resident of my toy chest.

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