Spartacus Alligator Nipple Clamps

I have never had sensitive nipples. Gentle rubbing feels okay, but any real amount of pressure and I just stop feeling altogether. It didn’t even really hurt when I got my left one pierced.

But, I LOVE playing with other people’s nipples. They are a primary target for my tongue, fingers, and clothespins on lovers and playmates. So, the chance to play with a set of Spartacus Alligator Nipple Clamps was pretty exciting.

My wife was eager to try them too, but when I stalked across the bedroom floor, opening and closing the alligator-style clips like hungry little metal mouths, she rolled over onto her belly and wouldn’t let me anywhere near The Girls. Her nipples are oversensitive on the best of days, and the thought of the chained clamps biting down on her tender bits was making them hide in the mattress.

Sadly, her instincts were correct. To keep the clamps with their rubber coated teeth actually on her nipples, they had to be tightened well past her comfort point. Anything less and they would fall off with the slightest movement. And there was NO way we were taking off the rubber coating and subjecting ourselves to the razor-sharp teeth.

They were a bit pinchy even on my small, numb nubbins but they did hold better on mine than hers. The set screw used to hold the clips open didn’t want to budge under pressure, so adjustment meant taking them off, backing the screw off, and clamping them back on… usually to have them fall off again.

If you enjoy nipple torture and have a bit of experience, you may like the Spartacus Alligator Nipple Clamps. I will bring them to my next fetish party and use them mercilessly on my date for the evening. But if you are new to clamps, these may be more of a frustration than a fantasy.

– Originally published on Toys For Tarts

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