Spare the rod? Not bloody likely.


One of the first items asked me to try out and review for them was a beautiful Bamboo Cane.

Sadly, up until a short time ago, the only testing I could do was on my hand as none of my usual playmates would let me near their flesh with it…wimps.

I really shouldn’t be too hard on them though. At a titch over 30” long and ½” across at the knuckles (the solid walls between the hollow bits, also called “nodes”, it is a bit imposing. It is very light which makes it easy to swing a bit hard as my friend’s poor ass can attest.

And with very little flex, it was like hitting his little white tush with a broomstick or a bat. It left an immediate red stripe on his skin which was soon followed by many more…

The finish of the cane is perfect and the leather wrapped handle is a joy to hold. Even the finish at the end knuckle is smooth and tapered.

I often use this cane as a prop at play and non-play parties alike. Just having it in my hand usually starts a conversation or two and has lead to some pretty good play sessions.

I can’t think of higher praise for a BDSM tool.

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