Something on my mind lately…

You’re tied, lying on the bed. Arms lashed to your sides, legs bound back on themselves, always spread and available.

I’ve been taking care of your needs…my captive… making sure your muscles don’t cramp, keeping you warm when you’re a good girl, and most importantly, making sure you’re well hydrated.

You’ve been under my care and control since early morning when you knocked on the hotel door and sunk to your knees in the hallway. You have not stood since and it is now well into night.

I’ve taken much delight in listening to your moans and whimpers as you struggle with the fullness in your bladder. To ask for relief would surely earn you more water to drink, but I secretly hope that you do. I love watching you push your limits farther and farther, silently begging for more pain, more discomfort, more submission.

You’ve finally reached your breaking point. I ram my cock into you, you lose control and pee on me…your tits are slapped hard and punished for that. But every blow makes my cock harder, my thrusts rougher, and a little more squirts out, garnering more punishment to your reddening breasts. A wonderfully vicious circle.

I am overwhelmed by my lust, your helplessness, and the entire scene. Despite my desire to make it last and last and last, I lose my own control and orgasm myself into you again, long having lost count of our explosions. I slide myself out of you and stand at the foot of our bed, looking down at the mess we have made. “Pee.”, I say.

You’re startled by my command but are unable to find your thoughts or words after so long without them. Your eyes plead with me, wanting to understand my desire.

I repeat myself in a tone that removes any confusion around compliance. “Pee. If you need to pee so badly, you will do it right there. Only good girls get to use the toilet. Bad girls must wet themselves.”

You whimper your disapproval and squirm on the bed, testing my knots. My voice stills your complaint. “Pee. Now. Or else I will push on your belly and make you pee.”

I smile as you submit to me once again and relax yourself. It starts as a dribble, but quickly becoming a strong stream as your hot piss hits me in the stomach. I revel in the feeling, moving around so it sprays more of me before bending down to capture some in my mouth.

Your salty liquid flows easily down my throat and I bend to fill my mouth again. The feeling of your own hot piss hitting your breasts and face startles you as I spray my mouthful onto you. Your mouth opens just a bit, hesitant but suggesting. “Does my kitten want a taste too?” This time, the words were easy and dreamlike “Yes, Daddy. Please allow me to taste my pee.”

I bend down one last time as your stream starts to wane. Your mouth is open wide and wanting as I start to spit your piss from my mouth to yours. You let yourself fill and wait for my next word. “Swallow.”

You swallow in one gulp and open your mouth to show me it’s all gone. “How did it taste, kitten?” “Salty, hot, and wonderful, Daddy. Thank you for giving me my pee.” “You’re welcome, my good girl. And since you liked it so much, you will drink all of Daddy’s piss from now on. You are my slutty little urinal.” “Thank you, Daddy,” you smile. “ I will happily be your good girl piss bucket for as long as you’ll have me.”

“I know you will, my slut. And for your reward for being such a good girl, don’t move. I’ll get you a towel.”

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