Kimberly Kane’s My Own Master

I have a real dislike for slick, professionally produced porn. I have seen WAY too much and it really doesn’t do anything for me anymore. I now tend toward amateur, real-life or gritty fapping material, such as “My Own Master” by Kimberly Kane.

The film itself is broken up into three chunks, a threesome with two pretty boys, a girl-on-girl Mistress and slave scene and a final boy/girl piece. I really liked the girl/girl scene, not so much for the dominance aspects which I found fake and forced but for the amount of analingus. I do love a good rimming scene and this one was outstanding.

The rest of the movie was a bit disappointing, if any porn can be. I found the lead ups to the actual action WAY too long and repetitive. I love Kimberly’s body but the same shots over and over again made me hit the fast forward.

My biggest pet peeve and an immediate turn off was the amount of spit and drool coming out of Kimberly’s mouth. Admittedly, sucking two cocks would generate a lot of fluids but it really grossed me out to see her let it run out from between her lips. Ugh.

Other than the rimming scenes, nothing in this movie kept my attention any longer than it took me to rub one out.

It is porn after all and to not masturbate would have been a waste.

But porn is a very personal preference and there are lots of good things about this movie, such as interesting music, cool camera angles and such.

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