Beautifully rough made better

A lot of people enjoy the binding aspects of rope but the miss some of the more sensual joys and pains a good piece of rope can provide.

Over the past year, has sent me several different kinds of ropes to play with, from super soft mohair to crazy rough coconut. I loved each and every one of them, for different reasons.

But it is the coconut that I tell everyone about and torture my playmates with. It is so unique, rough and scary looking that I want everyone to experience it.

The first sample of coconut rope I was sent was beautiful and left great ligature marks. There were a couple downsides however such as the rope was of inconstant thickness. The latest batch though, through a new supplier, is much thinner, more consistent, darker and even rougher, if that is possible.

With the more consistent thickness and thinner diameter, I was able to work it nicely into a 8 strand, round braid which formed the working end of my coconut rope sjambok.

The roughness makes it great for impact play and it leaves great marks and redness. I also used a piece of it for the cracker on my snakewhip and not only does it crack a bit, it draws blood… :).

But above all, the draw for me to apply this beautifully horrible cord to my playmates’ skin is the sensations it gives them.

The roughness needs to be activated through motion…just tying the rope and leaving it static lets the skin get used to the sensation and then just becomes background noise. But rubbing it across flesh as it is being tied, pulling on it, pressing and hitting it, makes the sensations very real and owie. It also leaves a nice redness from the abrasiveness which always looks pretty.

And now that I have a nice long length of’s improved coconut rope, my rope buddy is REALLY going to “hate” the torso harness I have been threatening her with.

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