Ahhh, what a weekend…Part One

My Other Significant Other (OSO), SlipperySlut, and I only see each other about once every three months or so. One of the issues of having a long distance relationship but we do the best we can. So, needless to say, when we do get together, we try to make the most of it…in every way possible.

This quarter we decided to meet in Kingston, a bit closer for her but I am relegated to public transit for another month, so it really didn’t matter to me…an extra 45 minutes on the train is just that much more relaxing.

Now, SlipperySlut is a total sub pain-slut and we had been talking recently about all the foul and debased things I was going to do to her…cutting, piercing, pissing, fisting…oh my…getting hard just thinking about it again. Anyway, I asked her to try and find a party for us to attend in Kingston so we could indulge some of our thoughts but she went one step farther…

Warmbuns Bed & Dungeon.

cassie was pretty sexy when she answered the door. The denim shirt covered, what I am assuming to be her naked body, but was short enough to display her stocking tops connected to a garter belt hidden above her hips. The look was taboo, slutty and demure all at once. Not bad at all.

She showed us the downstairs area which would be ours for the night, including the playroom. SlipperySlut looked very nervous as cassie explained how to secure arms and legs to the St Andrew’s Cross, horse, fucktable. I knew that once we were alone, Slut would relax considerably.

Our hostess left us to our own imaginations with an offer to come down and take pictures or whatever if we liked. Interesting, I would file that away for later…

There was another significant reason for this visit as well…I would be collaring Slut for the first time. We had been talking about it for almost 3 years and our relationship had developed to the right point. We had it custom made by The Collar Factory and she had been dying to wear it for weeks.

I had her kneel in front of me and hold her hair back. The leather followed the curve of her throat and I pulled it tighter than necessary, knowing she would savour the choking feeling…her moan made my cock stir in my shorts. Her fingers went to her neck and felt the cold smoothness of the three rings mounted to the collar, pulling, testing.

Sitting on the bed, I pull her off the floor and across my lap. Another quick motion and her jeans and panties are at her knees, much to her surprise.

“Since you were 25 minutes late picking me up at the train, you are going to get 25 spanks. Start counting.” SMACK, the first blow landed, hard and noisy. A red hand print instanly appeared on her perfectly white ass.

“…One…” she moaned. I didn’t soften the blows as her ass became red hot and my hand started to ache. There was almost a five second delay after the final stroke before she could pant out “Twenty-five”.

“Now, don’t be late again. Do you understand, cunt?”

“Yes sir. I won’t be.”


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