Ahhh, what a weekend…Part 2

“Take your clothes off.”

“Yes Sir.”

SlipperySlut slowly and reluctantly started peeling off her clothes, still shy even in front of me. Finally she stood naked except for bright striped panties. Her arms were folded on her chest, completely blocking her beautiful breasts,

“Completely naked, slut.”

“I can’t Sir. I have my period.” Her eyes were downcast and she looked like she would break down into tears any second.

“It’s ok, cunt. You had no control over it.”

“I know but we have been planning this for so long…I only get it a couple times a year…WHY did it have to be this weekend?” Sadness replaced with anger. Good, anger I can work with.

“If I can’t fuck you or eat you then you will be pleasuring me a lot this weekend…Down.”

Wordlessly, SlipperySlut sunk to her knees, turning to face me as I stand beside the bed. With a deliberate slowness, I unbutton my shorts and let them fall to the floor, revealing my naked, hard cock underneath. A smile flashes across her lips as she reaches out to cup my balls with one hand and circle my shaft with the other. She loves it when I am bare under pants or shorts.

Closing my eyes, I wait for the hot wetness of her mouth encircling the head of my cock. She pushes my foreskin back to expose its purpleness and takes it greedily into her mouth. A contented sigh escapes my lips.

SlipperySlut’s tongue is magic and my knees are giving away my pleasure but I need her to stop. I am getting close and don’t want to come yet. As hard as it was, I pulled my cock from her mouth. “Since you took your punishment so well, I will give you a choice…” I knew what her answer would be before I even asked the question. “Would you like to continue sucking my cock or…would you rather eat my ass?”

“Sir,” she panted, “please let me eat your ass.”

Quickly shedding the rest of my clothes, I assumed the position on the bed: elbows and knees, ass high and waiting. SlipperySlut moved with a lust-fueled determination and roughly pulled my cheeks apart. Her tongue stabbed deep into my hole, forcing a growl and groan from my throat. My hips pushed back against her face, forcing her tongue deeper into me.

“Do you like that Sir?” she asked, coming up for a breath of air.

“Put your tongue back in my ass and don’t talk with your mouth full.”


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