A Very Nice Replacement

The only vibrator in my wife’s collection was her trusty rabbit. But
after several years of action, it was getting a bit long in the tooth,
pardon the pun.

With her orgasm needs in mind, I ordered Good Vibrations’ Flirty G waterproof g-spot vibe.
After one use, the rabbit has been retired and the Flirty G has taken its spot in her bedside table.

Flirty G

The nibs stimulated her clit very nicely and she became nicely vocal
almost immediately. The little bit that gets inserted does not have
any vibrating bits itself, relying on the vibrations from the clit
area. At speed two of nine, my wife couldn’t really feel any g-spot
action but was consumed by her clit sensations anyway.

Her orgasm was nice and satisfying and her overall impressions of this
little vibe were very positive. During afterglow, however, she went
through the different settings on the toy, having to click through
each to finally turn the thing off. Always descriptive, she said she
felt like she was clicking through a PowerPoint presentation.

There are nine different speed and vibe settings to play with but my
wife will probably stick to the three basic speed settings, being a
get-it-done kinda girl and the Flirty G will probably never have its
waterproofness checked, but even with the most basic of uses, this
little toy has earned itself a cherished spot between my wife’s

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