A Tale of Two Ropes

I am a rope guy…always loved it.

Knots were always my favourite parts of being in the Boy Scouts and
the Navy. That love has carried over into my kink life as well and
much of my fetish play involves ropes and bondage.

My good friends at MauiKink.com sent me a sample of their magnificent
mohair and coconut fibre ropes to try out and I don’t think I have
been more excited to get a package in my life.

The mohair cord is soft, sensual and feels like sex. As beautiful as the mohair is, the coconut fibre is that ugly.

But ugly in a gorgeous,
painful, owwie-sorta way. Both of these pieces of line are wonderful
in their own ways and hold treasured spots in my rope bag.

The mohair knots really well and feels very good on the tops hands as
well as the bottoms skin. The coconut will sand the skin off your
palms and give your playmates memories which will show on their flesh
as well as exist in their minds. The coconut will not really soften
much with use either and a quick wetting and air dry will stiffen it
right back up again.

I can’t wait to bind a beautiful pair of breasts with these two very
different ropes and give my playmates much different experiences.

Check out these ropes at MauiKink.comMohair and Coconut.

Kisses and spanks,

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