Model needed for calendar shoot

Hi lovers!

I am looking for a model in the GTA, comfortable with fetish-posing
with me for a photoshoot, with the ultimate goal of a photo being
submitted to the 2011 NYC Sex Blogger Calendar

The photos will be taken by a professional photographer from Life
Shots ( in a location/setting yet to be determined.
The model is more than welcome to bring anyone they wish to the shoot.
And of course, meeting with the model before the shoot is possible and
recommended. A model release will be required to be signed.

Just to be VERY clear, this is not a pornographic shoot. There will be
no genital exposure or sexual touching by either myself or the model.

The theme of the calendar is “Sexual Freedom” and what it means to the
model (i.e. me).

Here are the initial ideas I and the photographer talked about.

I was thinking of a military-style interrogation roleplay scene. Me in
my combat clothes, an additional model bound to a chair, on knees, on
a whipping post, etc. Some shots with BDSM toys, some without…the
model in various states of undress/coverage. I don’t think I want full
nudity. Overall, I am looking for lots of shadow, moody, wet

2. Paid Sex
Me in a chair in a nice suit, a drink in one hand and a fist full of
money in the other. The other model would basically be a prop, i.e. a
shot with their leg(s) etc…pretty simple.

I am not looking for any particular body type and my only real
preference would be the model identify as female. The model’s face may
or may not be shown in the pictures and if she has a requirement not
be shown, we will be more than happy to work with that.

The proceeds for the calendar are going to charity and I am unable to
pay for the model’s time so the only remuneration I can offer are
copies of the finished pictures (digital format) and a copy of the
finished calendar.

If you have any more questions or are interested, please do not
hesitate to contact me.

Kisses and spanks,

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