The End

by Maximilian Lagos © 2010
All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without permission of the author.

Her eyes were leaking, but in space, tears never fell. They simply floated in front of her eyes.

“I’m going to miss you so fucking much, Renee.” Marta sobbed into Renee’s chest. Renee brushed the water blurring her vision and kissed the top of her lover’s head.

“I know, love. And I am so sorry…but I am glad I am going first. I couldn’t handle watching you die. And who knows how much longer you will live since you are only
half human…”

“Shut up, Renee. Just…stop talking.” Marta ran her fingers over the large red spot on the inside of Renee’s left wrist. She had entered Stage Three as the pair slept, and now had less than twelve hours to live.

Renee pulled the beautiful woman closer, the chill being chased out of her skin by her lover’s relentless heat. “Babygirl, it’s ok. I hear it’s very peaceful. I just stop. Just like a machine. No pain, nice and fast.”

“Shut UP, Renee!” Marta screamed. “I don’t want to think about you dying or me dying or if it fucking hurts, or anything else. I just hate this…this…” Marta collapsed into Renee’s chest again, crying uncontrollably.

Renee stroked her lover’s hair softly. It was long and red and floated everywhere and Renee loved it. When they first went to bed, that night so long ago stuck in rural China, Marta’s hair was short and brown. She grew it long and dyed it because Renee said she looked beautiful like that.

Marta’s sobbing eased and she lifted her face to look at her lover. Renee’s heart broke to see the pain. She leant forward and kissed Marta’s swollen lips, remembering the first time they had touched. It was cold in that Chinese hotel, very much like the cabin on the space station they lay in now.

“Do you remember that first night, baby? No matter how much we tried, we couldn’t get the heaters to work…and then, trying to sneak you in and out of my room without anyone noticing?”

Marta’s crying lessened and she lay her head on Renee’s naked breast. “You were a frigging bitch. So full of yourself. You only wanted to screw a pretty girl. You didn’t care who it was.” The sting of her words were tempered with the soft kiss Marta placed on Renee’s hard nipple.

“Baby, I wanted you and only you since the first moment you asked me what my view on interspecies marriage was. Your voice made my pussy throb.” Renee slapped her girlfriend’s bum playfully and then resumed tracing circles on her long, smooth back.

“And you’ve been trying to find my pussy ever since.” Marta slid her hand down Renee’s softly rounded belly. “But I think I found yours without too much problem that night.” Her fingers slipped over a sparsely furry mound and cupped Renee’s wet lower lips.

“Well if you were either fully…mmmmm…human or fully…” Renee’s words caught in her throat as Marta’s long fingers parted her sex and found the hardness of her clit.

Renee’s hand went to the back of her tormentor’s head and pulled Marta’s mouth to her own. Her tongue darted between the other’s lips, seeking. A spark passed between the two women as their tongues met, making Renee jump.

“Mmmmm, I love dating Literatrixans. You make me hear bells…” Renee moaned.

Marta smiled as she unhooked herself from the bed and started to glide toward Renee’s feet. “Baby, you know my tongue can do more than make you hear bells.” She slid her hands under Renee’s ass and held the soft globes firmly. “Please, open for me, love. I need to taste you…”

One last time, Renee finished in her head. Wordlessly, she parted her thighs to let her hovering lover do to her what she pleased. The spark of Marta’s forked tongue flicking against her swollen cunt made Renee arch and strain against her bed restraint.

“Ohmygod…I have never felt it so strong, so intense before.” Renee groaned.

Marta flicked her again before parting her lips with her fingers. “The power of my spark increases with the strength of my emotions. In all this time, you haven’t noticed?”

“I just thought it was me,” breathed Renee. “Thought I was just more sensitive or excited or something.”

“No baby, it was ME who was excited. But my emotions are much stronger now then ever before.” Marta choked back her tears. “Do you think you can handle it?”

“Marta, I need you so much…I need to make love to you. I need to feel you. I need to try to show you how much I love you…”

“No,” whispered Marta, “I want to show you what no other woman will ever experience once you die, until I do.”

Hearing Marta’s vow of chastity ripped Renee’s heart to shreds but she fought back the tears. She had to remain strong for her love. Marta could let herself fall apart but one of them had to stay strong.

“I love you Marta.”

“I love you more than I could ever tell you, Renee. But let me try to show you.”

Marta pulled her mouth to Renee’s throbbing cunt with a grace only found in zero gravity. Her lips kissed Renee’s labia and her tongue darted between them again.

Renee’s bucking against the sharp sting of the tongue only served to make the shocks more frequent and longer. Marta’s agile tongue dipped between Renee’s lips only to pull quickly back out and lash what felt like fire onto her hard clit. The moisture flooding out of Renee’s tortured pussy carried the spark all over her sex, spreading the pain and the lust.

Renee cried out her orgasm as Marta swiped her tongue down the length of her lover’s cunt, from clit to asshole. The tingling pain against her sensitive back opening made Renee verbal again.

“Oh please Marta, no more. Not my ass. You know….UGGGHHH…I can’t take your tongue…AHHHH,,,back there.”

“No. This is just as much my night as it is yours. I love every part of your body and I am going to worship all of it.” Marta said solemnly.

Renee lay back and let her lover control their last minutes of intimacy together. She inhaled sharply as she felt two long fingers slide slowly into her pussy. Even though, she could take four or more of her own, two of Marta’s always filled her.

“Baby, can I have one in my bum too?” Renee begged. “I love it when you fuck me there.”

Marta kissed Renee’s pussy in response and slid the middle finger of her free hand into her own sex. Renee felt her girlfriend shudder as her body responded to the self-penetration and remembered the countless times she had watched Marta pleasure herself for their mutual enjoyment. She knew that Marta’s finger would be covered in her fragrant and thick fluid, making an ideal lubricant for her tight ass.

“Are you ready baby?” Marta moaned.

“Please, Marta. Please put your finger in my ass. Fill me totally baby.” Renee felt the first tentative touch between her bum cheeks, searching. An unsuppressed shiver of lust told Marta when she had found her goal and she slowly started to push at Renee’s tight opening.

“Oh god, baby. More…I need more. Push it in all the way.” Renee panted. Firmly but tenderly, Marta slipped her finger past Renee’s muscle until she was buried fully.

“Oh, that hurts so much but it feels so good, baby. Make me come. I can’t take it anymore. Make me come again baby…please.”

Silently, Marta bent her face to her lover’s cunt and started long, slow licks against Renee’s clit with her electric tongue. Her long fingers worked Renee’s holes, slowly, firmly, almost mechanically, alternating thrusts, first cunt, then ass.

The sensations overwhelmed Renee and her orgasm rendered her unconscious, le petit mort, the little death. Seconds later, when she woke, Marta was still inside her, moving slowly and licking her juices from her steaming skin.

Marta looked into her lover’s eyes and smiled, “It is such a shame that we only did that once. I loved making you pass out.”

A quiet knock at the door made the tender moment vanish.

“Shit, already?” Renee sighed. “Come on, love. We have something we need to take care of.”


“Everyone please rise for the President of the Planet Earth.”

Hundreds of flashbulbs went off as President Renee Matai floated into the press room. The room was packed past standing room capacity, all major and many minor news reporting organizations from across the galaxy having sent correspondents to cover the press conference. After all, it was big news across the void of space: Had a cure for The End of Earth been found?

“Please be seated,” President Matai said reflexively. “Right, sorry.” she said realizing the cramped conditions. Matai cleared her voice to stop the quiver she could feel under her skin.

“Thank you all for coming. I will keep this brief. It is with profound regret that I must announce I have reached Stage Three sometime last night as I slept.” Matai raised her left arm and pulled down her coat sleeve to show the spot Marta had been rubbing earlier.

A sad moan floated up from the group in the room. “Now, I appreciate your concern, but no more of that please,” Matai said as she lowered her arm again. “All humans will see this spot on their own skin eventually. I am no different than any of you, except for my responsibility to my planet and her citizens.”

She straightened herself and made the announcement she knew she had to but had been dreading since first going into Stage One, six weeks earlier.

“And it is because of that responsibility that I am announcing I am stepping down as President of the Planet Earth effective immediately. As per Executive Order number 9361, I am also appointing Vice President Thaddeus Williams as President of the Planet Earth until elections can be held according to the laws of the planet.”

Behind her, President-Appointee Thad Williams looked straight ahead, unsmiling. He was now the most powerful person on the planet but looked as though he was just handed a death sentence.

Matai slumped against the lectern again. “There, now that all of the legal stuff is out of the way, I will open the floor to questions. At this point, I think candor is more important than propriety. No government questions though…that’s not my job anymore.”

There was surprised shuffling around the room. Renee Matai was always an unorthodox political leader but offering herself up to personal questions was still very unexpected. She looked around the room at the collection of journalists, making eye contact, trying to get one of them to start what she was sure to be a torrent.
“Come on Marta,” she nodded at the tall, attractively grey-skinned woman that she had been lying with a short time ago. “We have known each other for years, been through hell and high water…no reason to be shy now.”

Marta Azakar’s mouth opened and closed, but words failed to come out. Renee could see the pain in her girlfriend’s eyes, tears starting to well. Renee choked back a lump in her throat and managed a small smile for the reporter. No one but the two of them and Renee’s personal assistant knew the depth of their relationship, a decision which had been fought over a thousand times.

“Well, Ms President. Let me be the first to say how sorry I am and that you will be missed by the people you represent very much,” Marta straightened to her full seven foot height. “And I only have one question…”

Renee smiled at her lover. Marta could always be counted on to pull together when she needed to and demonstrate why she was a star reporter. Renee matched Marta’s formal demeanor and straightened at her podium.

“Ms President…Renee…will you marry me?”

A stunned silence filled the briefing room, its occupants not sure if they should believe what they think they heard.

Renee’s facade of strength crumbled and she started to weep. “Yes, my love. I will marry you. I love you with all my heart.” Marta took Renee’s hand and led her from the dais and out of the room, leaving the assembly frantically scrambling to figure out which of the revelations to lead their reports with.


“The stars are beautiful tonight,” Renee whispered, snuggled tightly in her wife’s arms.

Marta kissed the top of the ex-President’s head. “Shhh. no more words, little girl. Just let me hold you.”

Renee sighed and watched the twinkling stars for the last time.